Cool Beans.

September 16, 2014

Welcome to the

Cool Hand Look Agency!  

Today we are launching a new version of the site.   We hope you love it.   We do. 

And we have a huge bowl of gratitude for our partner company Oniracom!


If you don’t know about Oniracom yet, you should.  They build digital tools of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.  And they do it for some of America’s most demanding entertainment properties including Disney Records, Jack Johnson, Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, and John Legend (to name but a few.)

The Onirastars for this project were Tad Wagner and Jason Worden.  Tad worked with our team on the design of the site and functionality. Jason wrote the code, tweak stuff, and put the site together.


So here is a little about Tad.  His designs always seem to find a way to blend both organic and clean design.  We consider Tad one cool cat.  He makes great art (he releases one personal illustration, painting, or drawing a day), music, photographs, and he makes a great friend.  Like most quality Creative Directors we meet, Tad is soft spoken.  Why?  Because instead of talking, he’s listening and mind painting.  That’s right.  Mind painting.  


Jason is a kick-ass developer that is relatively new to Oniracom’s team of aces.  We believed he started as an intern and got hired on after graduating UCSB with a computer science degree.   But don’t quote us on it.    Here is what we like about working with Jason... he's both Responsive & Quick!   We work at a lightning pace here at Cool Hand Look.   We don’t overlook quality, but we have been doing this long enough that we get it right the first time, most of the time.  So for us, it’s important that our partners do the same.  This new site isn’t simple.  It’s a little unorthodox but purposeful.  We designed it that way and Jason built it.  Jason also has a great music blog. Thank you wizard Worden!


We would also like to note the other exceptionals who worked on the project, including the recently wed (congratulations and money are in order) Mike Wald, Calia Minassian, and of course, the big man in the sky, Jacob Tell.  Oniracom rocks and they are a crucial Cool Hand Look partner company!

So what can you expect from future blog posts?  Let’s just say, you’ll get our take on the entertainment and marketing industries, highlights of great marketing campaigns, features on new technology, and sprinkled with tutorials.  Stay tuned.  Be Cool.